Chemical, Pulp and Energy

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The Integrated Laboratory of Chemistry, Pulp and Energy (LQCE) Department of Forest Sciences, ESALQ / USP, was created in the early 60. Throughout its existence, it has contributed decisively to the development of various segments linked to the use of forest-based resources. This has involved from the basic forestry activities, to full utilization of forest resources produced, always considering the principles of sustainability and social responsibility. With the start of its activities strongly linked to the area of ​​pulp and paper, LQCE always constituted an important and prestigious basic research and technological development in this field. From the 80, the LQCE was expanded operations, starting to operate in the areas of energy wood, thermochemical and pyrolysis of wood, charcoal and forest chemical resources non-timber, which also became important reference.
The LQCE has also contributed significantly in the development of human resources, high and recognized competence in their areas.
Develop knowledge and technologies in the fields of pulp, paper, energy, thermochemical and pyrolysis of wood, charcoal and chemical woods and forest non-wood products, associated with the formation of human resources, orma to contribute to the sustainable development of society .