Mission, Vision, Values


The main mission of the Department of Forest Sciences is to form professionals aligned with the demands of society, particularly of Forestry Engineer, beyond the offering of the context related to Forest Sciences and their interfaces, where applicable, for other undergraduate and graduate of ESALQ.
Integrated to the main mission, the Department of Forest Sciences has, similarly, the mission of teaching, research and perform activities of extension in the areas of specialization of Forestry Sciences and Natural Resources, with view on sustainability, biodiversity maintenance, use and exploitation rational of natural resources, among others. The Department of Forest Science plays an essential and fundamental part of Escola Superior de Agricultura Luiz de Queiroz and of the University of São Paulo.



The main vision of the Department of Forest Sciences is to contribute to solving the problems that affect and reflect negatively on the quality of life of the whole society, from the formation and training of committed professionals directly involved with multiple interfaces of Forest Sciences and Natural Resources.

In this respect, it is important to insert the Department of Forest Science - in line with the University of Sao Paulo - the pursuit of excellence in teaching, research and extension.



Through transparency actions provide a reliable and secure environment.
Through honesty demonstrate professionalism with responsibility, flexibility and willingness to change.
Through excellence in teaching, research and extension provide training leaders and a culture of continuous improvement with clear and proactive proposals.
Through cooperation between all and respecting individual differences for the success of the academic community.
By concern for the environment have in mind that the activities must be sustainable.