Forest Genetic Resources and Bioenergy

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The Genetic and Biotechnology Forest Resources Laboratory, coordinated by Prof. Dr. Weber Antonio Neves Amaral, is dedicated to forestry studies at the molecular genetic level and in genetic conservation of plant biodiversity through the application of modern technologies for improvement and crop production.
Biosafety with Genetically Modified Organisms
Impact Risk Analysis
Baselines preparation on potential risks
Impact Assessment
Analysis of the potential consequences of the use of AGM to maintain the certification
Proposal and recommendation and monitoring of potential labor camp, towards the release of genetically modified trees (experimental scale field and commercial)
Analysis of legal requirements for the release of field planting of genetically modified trees
Running courses in biosafety-site and in company
Genotypic characterization of genetic material
- Use of co-dominant microsatellite markers for:
a) determining the levels of diversity present among and within populations;
b) determining the degree of relationship between genetic materials;
c) determining the genetic diversity of clones (genetic material propagated vegetatively).
Carbon Storage Project
Determination of baselines
Importance of Biodiversity to Projects
Genomics and Proteomics Forest
Biochemists and Molecular Markers
Courses on-site and in company
research development in the field of genomics and proteomics
Criteria Genetic Indicators in the certification process of forest management